Emergency Room Management

For our clients who consult with ERM to take control of their physician and midlevel recruitment process, ERM has developed proven methods for attracting and retaining excellent providers for your hospital, free standing emergency center or the urgent care center.  

Under the direction of David Shelko, our SVP of Recruitment, his team takes time to develop relationships with each 

then helps them understand the practice environment, expectations, and in cases where relocation is required,  the area where

they will live. As a result, we gain important insight into the character and values of those providers and ensure a cultural fit.

ERM’s team of full-cycle recruiters, oversee all physician recruitment and onboarding for ERM’s clients.

Whenever possible, ERM’s recruiting team starts the sourcing process several months in advance, and reviews extensive

databases to source potential providers for your hospital.  Potential providers can be vetted by ERM’s Chief Medical Officer,

and all providers are subject to approval by your medical staff and administration.  

All communities, particularly those in rural and suburban areas, need more doctors to meet the health care needs of residents.

ERM specializes in identifying, shortlisting, and referring doctors to medical facilities in need of additional staff to sustain their

operations and serve more patients.

ERM makes sure every candidate meets your standards and possesses the qualities that you are looking for. We assess qualifications based on your core values, work ethics and other requirements. Physician and mid-level goals must be aligned with yours, to avoid conflicts and other problems in the future. Our extensive network and partnerships enable us to source top-notch providers that will add value to your organization.

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