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Robert "Bob" Richardson

Mr. Richardson has 37 years of leadership experience and has consulted with hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations, reducing

their overall staffing costs associated with their emergency room operations. 

Bob received his BS degree from Western Michigan University and is certified in Project Management (PMP), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB), Managed Care (CSMC), Cost Estimation (CEP), Compensation Specialist (CCP) and  Long Term Care Professional (LTCP).  Mr. Richardson has also attended executive education at Stanford, University of Michigan and the Disney Institute.

Emergency Room Management

We strive to be the premier emergency room consulting company in the industry.  

Since 1981, our leadership has worked for various hospital, healthcare and emergency room staffing companies and has provided consulting services to:

  • 270 Hospitals - Emergency Rooms
  • 16 Free-Standing Emergency Centers
  • 148 Hospitals - Hospitalist Consulting
  • 123 Long Term Care Facilities
  • 64 Surgical and Radiology Centers
  • 43 Urgent Care Centers
  • 81 Physician Hospital Organizations (PHO)

After years of consulting with these organizations, ERM believes that we have a cost effective way to provide emergency medicine services for any size facility, including Critical Access and Rural Hospitals.

ERM accomplishes this by restructuring the emergency room operation, taking control of the professional billing function, streamlining recruiting and credentialing, providing global scheduling (when required) and reducing the numerous layers of provider oversight, resulting in drastic cost reductions without sacrificing quality.

We want to be your emergency room consultant.  Let us show you how you can reduce your costs, while maintaining quality and service to your community.

Whether you are a facility with 100,000 patient visits a year or one that only serves 3,000 patients, we are very confident that we can lower your cost, streamline your operation, and retain quality providers.